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Fighting Like an Animalrwtdvcczvd

Animals have a lot of different fighting techniques to help them survive in the world. Do you think martial arts experts can master those techniques too? Well on the show Fight Science they explore this interesting question: Is it possible … Continue reading

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How to Make a Forcefield

Every starship needs armor to protect it from asteroids and enemy attack. But how’s that possible? Yet again, Dr. Michio Kaku saves the day and tells us how we can make a force field that can save us if we ever develop the … Continue reading

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Super suit!

Imagine turning yourself into a crime fighting super hero just like Batman or Iron Man. A doctor named Dr. Michio Kaku designed a suit that would give the wearer those powers. The first thing he did to design this supersuit … Continue reading

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The crust and the magnetosphere. Two giant factors of why we are living on the Earth. The crust is the outermost surface on the Earth. It is about 25 miles thick beneath the continents but it is only 6.5 miles thick beneath oceans. … Continue reading

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Grand Canyon

Jeez! I never knew the Grand Canyon was so large… I also never understood how it was made… but I guess I know both now so it’s quite fine! The Grand Canyon is a steep canyon by the Colorado River in … Continue reading

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I didn’t know video games took so much hard work and intelligence to make! I just thought you threw together a virtual world, called it an idea and made some money! But in this game, Spore, you probably need a … Continue reading

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Time Warp!

So watching something in slow motion can really make a difference to the way you see it. A show named Time Warp films things with high speed cameras and then slow it down so you can actually see what’s happening. It’s really interesting! … Continue reading

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