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Animals have a lot of different fighting techniques to help them survive in the world. Do you think martial arts experts can master those techniques too? Well on the show Fight Science they explore this interesting question: Is it possible for humans to master animal fighting techniques?

The first animal that martial arts masters tried to act like was the snake. The snake is speedy and blinding, its movements almost invisible to the naked eye. The question was, could a martial arts master come close to, evenly match, or even beat the speedy western diamond back snake? It seems when the snake attacked it looked much, much, MUCH faster, but under closer scrutiny and with high speed cameras recording, we see that the martial arts master was up to two times faster than the snake!

The next animal skill to be tested was the awesome balancing skill of the crane. This regal bird can stand on one foot for hours! To test if martial arts masters can have balance like a crane, they placed a martial arts master on a round circular object smaller than a dinner plate many feet off the ground and threw ninja stars at him. He was 8 feet off the ground at one point! The platforms were wobbling! Yet he dodged all the ninja stars. Then he tried out the crane’s deadly “wingstrike attack“, releasing his wingstrike on two block of large ice that weighed 120 pounds combined! He used the awesome power of kinetic energy to blast the ice to bits.

Yet another amazing animal that martial artists admire is the praying mantis. They admire it and look up to it sooo much that they try to imitate its accuracy, explosiveness, speed and timing. To test if a human could have all the traits of a praying mantis, they placed a martial arts master in a room with flies to see how many he could catch. Amazingly, he caught 7! It turns out he could be a praying mantis if he wanted to!

One of the most amazing animals that the martial artists copied was the monkey. A martial arts master copied a monkey exactly! He was nimble and athletic and he had good timing. He could swing on bars and could execute a standing jump from one bar to another that was 8 feet away and still stay balanced. He swung using his upper body and did backflips. He would always land on his feet and he actually looked like a monkey swinging on the jungle gym!

Then they just had to test out the strength and ferocity of a tiger. Rawr! Yet again, another martial arts master who admired an animal enough to try and copy it was the test subject. His signature move was the Tiger’s Claw. The martial arts master was so strong, they put him up against the replica of a man and he ripped out the man’s throat!

Sure, there’s no doubt that humans can do what animals can do. The problem is only a very tiny amount of people can do it! I mean look at the people they picked, they were all martial arts masters! If they picked a random person off the street that person wouldn’t even be able to come close to what these people can do!


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