Hammerhead Sharks

A giant school of hammerhead sharks near the Galapagos Islands usually go unnoticed. But a group of scientists found them and are now trying to save them because fishermen are killing them off.
Hammerhead sharks are unique in many ways. One of the questions asked frequently about the hammerhead shark is why is its head shaped like that? For over a century, scientists have speculated why hammerheads’ heads evolved into such an odd shape and whether having eyes so far apart would enhance their vision. In fact it leaves a large blind spot in front of them. But sharks with wider heads have better binocular vision so that’s the beneficial part of it! Binocular vision lets you track fast moving prey like squid with far more accuracy than sharks with close-set eyes. The research also shows that hammerheads have a 360-degree view vertically allowing them to see prey above and below them.

Hammerhead sharks also seem to have found a shark superhighway that goes from the Galapagos to a point 400 miles away! What’s amazing about this is that hammerheads are one of the few shark species that can travel this long distance… and then find their way home again! Maybe they’re not as dumb as they look! 
So why are these scientists are working so hard to save these killer animals…? The truth is hammerhead sharks don’t really attack people – people just think they do because of sharks’ fierce reputation. They might not be cute and cuddly, and they are kind of wierd loooking… but they do serve a purpose and we need them. So don’t kill them all off!


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