The Navy SEALS

Navy SEAL class 234. 80 innocent men not doing anything wrong besides making the mistake of wanting to be a SEAL! They don’t know what pain is… but they soon will! They’re about to half kill themselves all in the name of becoming a US Navy SEAL.


I have to admit that does sound pretty cool. 😀 If you ever watch what they have to go through you WILL feel their pain after watching the physical and mental challenges those poor men are faced with. One of the things they have to do is to get submerged underwater until they pass out… and then they get revived!!! They also have to swim a mile in 53 degree water and they have to crash into rocks with boats and survive!

The origins of the Navy SEALs goes back to World War II. The United States Navy saw that in order for its troops to land on beaches it needed soldiers to survey the landing beaches first. They also had to take note of obstacles and defenses, and guide the landing forces in. As a result the Navy SEALs were born. They weren’t called SEALs back then, though. They were called UDTs or Underwater Demoliton Teams. Since the Navy SEALs were formed they have saved many lives and done some crazy stuff! They have been in some wars as well, I think you might know some, maybe the Iraq and Afghanistan war! 

Navy SEALs in WWII

The SEALs today… they have evolved and changed so much over the years. It’s very hard to become a SEAL. For example if 80 people try out to become SEAL only about 10-15 of them will make it! An interesting fact about the SEALs is their name stands for Sea, Air and Land. Navy SEAL sharpshooters have almost 100% accuracy.  They are trained to hit a target within an inch from 100 or more yards away! And one messed up thing is there are no female Navy SEALs and has never been a single female Navy SEAL in the history of the Navy SEALs even though there are many women in the Navy. I think it’s time that women made it into the SEALs, don’t you?


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2 Responses to The Navy SEALS

  1. pollard says:

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  2. pollard says:

    i uphold the law with navy seals to protect the consitution navy seals speical group 1 i beleive dea federal can compromise mexican cartel locate exigent arrest seize money contraband cartel boss located implication questionable in redding

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