How to Make a Forcefield

Every starship needs armor to protect it from asteroids and enemy attack. But how’s that possible? Yet again, Dr. Michio Kaku saves the day and tells us how we can make a force field that can save us if we ever develop the technology to make a spaceship. Just imagine being a space explorer like Spock and Kirk.
The first thing he did was talk about what he would use to make the forcefield.  

The first layer of defense was lasers. The lasers would deflect and destroy the big stuff, like asteroids. They would go in a criss cross pattern across the ship covering almost everything. The problem is because it’s a criss-cross pattern, there are small holes in it that could let through smaller projectiles.The solution to this comes in the second layer, which is a tiny substance called carbon nanotubes that “… are extremely tiny but incredibly strong,” states Dr. Michio Kaku. This is a backup layer that would be used if an enemy ship was attacking and shot tiny missiles or bullets that went through the first layer of protection. The carbon nanotubes would stop them right in their tracks.
The Doctor thought he had a good idea, using plasma as a forcefield. Plasma is extremely hot and will melt anything that touches it and it will go all the way around the ship not letting anything in, not an asteroid, not a tiny bullet. We even experience plasma on Earth! Some examples of  plasma on Earth is the Aurora Borealis in the North Pole, and lightning bolts. However, for plasma to work within the magnetic field that is required to control it, it would have to be super heated, and even though the plasma would destroy and melt anything that touched it or that was near it, it would also melt the ship! Yikes!Dr. Michio Kaku has a great idea to create a forcefield. I’m amazed that we might soon one day have the technology to make this amazing bit of science fiction into science fact! I thought force fields only happened in the movies!  Maybe if it does come to pass, we can use it to replace the ozone layer, since we’re destroying this one. 🙂


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3 Responses to How to Make a Forcefield

  1. Scott Ryan says:

    well for a start, on the sun EMP moves away all Plasma , it punches a hole in it. you could fire EMP & time it with your weapon, or put EMP on the tip of your missile, that would exsplode 100th of a second before impact, or with good timing, & the EMP would push your Plasma out of the way, letting your nuclear missile get to there space ship.

    so using Plasma is not a good shield, & any hi-tec aliens would get past it, as we can now.

  2. Scott Ryan says:

    so my new idea for a space ships shield is this.

    you put a magnetic field on a space ship, you then put man made EMP making devised on the out side of the ship, all the way around, pointing up to the magnetic field. when they meet the EMP will go electric. so if you doped a cut of fuel on it, it would burn.

    so it makes the field energy it turns into a electric magnetic field, & the more EMP you make, the stronger the field is. so its energy will be more.

    so if a missile come at it, it will disintegrate it along with all rocks, & a laser beams energy, would be absurd. all laser cannons or weapons will do nothing.

  3. 5ky3L4rk says:

    im so lost…

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