Who Landed in North America First

In fourteen hundred and ninety two, Columbus sailed the ocean blue.

Now I’m pretty sure we’ve all heard that rhyme and were taught it in school. We were also taught that Columbus was the first person to land on North America, but is that statement true? The correct answer is, unfortunately, no. Yes, the teachers WERE wrong. Facts prove that there were in fact people that made it to North America before Columbus.

There is a lot of evidence of people from all around the world landing in America before Columbus. In 1421, it is believed that people from China arrived here. That’s about 70 years before Columbus! In 1170, 300 years before Columbus, a Welsh man named Madoc was thought to have landed in the American midwest. About 1000 CE, the Norse people and also the Polynesians are believed to have landed in separate locations on the North American continent. In 600 BCE, Israelites landed, in 889 BCE, the Arabs, and in 3000-1500 BCE, the Japanese may have been in South America.

But what is the evidence for all of this, you ask? Well, for example there’s a Chinese map of the world that includes America, a place that was visited by Chinese travelers, except they didn’t realize what it was, they thought they were still in Asia. The proof we have about the Welsh people is an American-Indian tribe that has European features and they have an oral history that involves stories that were handed down over time about meeting and joining a group of Welsh travelers. The Norse people have a way of builidng their boats that match up with boats being built by American Indian tribes at that time. The proof we have of Polynesians being in North America is some of the words in both languages mean the same. Israelites were proven to land before Columbus because of their DNA. There is a viral disease that is very rare, and could only be found in Jewish people and in the bones of ancient Native Americans. The proof we have for Arabs is an actual Chinese document that was written in 1178 called the Sung Document that tells of Muslim sailors traveling to America. And last but not least, the proof we have for the Japanese is that the design of pottery that was found in South America matches pottery that was being made in Japan at that time.

So as you can see, there is a lot of evidence that Columbus wasn’t the first to make it to North America so our history books have to stop giving him all the credit! A lot of people made it here before him! Now you can brag to your professor’s face that he was wrong! 🙂


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