Alligator Gar

Fish that have been around longer than dinosaurs and are still here today for us to observe. Most people would think, there’s no fish that has survived more than 150 million years and is still around today, but that is incorrect, there is and it’s name is the Alligator Gar. And there are reasons why the fish has been around so long, it has developed survival skills over time. Something that the Alligator Gar has developed is its thick scales. This is vital because without it the gar population would be much less. The scales that act as armor protect the gar and sometimes, when scientist have to tag a gar they have to use a drill to get through the gars scales so they can put the tag in. Another great survival skill gars have developed over time is they have poisonous eggs, so when a predator tries to eat the female gar’s eggs they will get paralyzed. An amazing fact about the gar is they lay 100,000 to 300,000 of those eggs!
A biggie of why the gar are still around today are that they can breathe out off water! Yeah you heard right, they can breathe air! So when they get captured and put on a boat they won’t die because they can breathe air! This is one reason why they are called Alligator gar fish, because they can get out of the water and still breathe. (Also because their snouts look exactly like an alligator’s!) Another skill that kind of goes with the scales as thick as quarters is they have razor sharp teeth to rip predators to bits and protect themselves.

So yeah, alligator gar Fish have a lot of pros, but what about cons? They have quite a bit of those as well… the biggest one, though, is us. Humans! Humans think alligator gar are so big and bad and they’re going to kill humans when they are actually gentle giants. Humans want to kill them all off when they’ve done nothing to us. We shouldn’t be scared of them, they should be scared of us!

Another con that alligator gar fish have is a loss of habitat which kind of ties in with the humans because the gar are losing their habitat because of us humans. Another problem for the gar is that female gars don’t reproduce until they are 10-14 years old which is a problem because of us again, HUMANS! Since we think so badly of alligator gars, we usually kill them before they are 10-14 so they can’t have babies, and that is why the count of the Alligator Gar Fish is decreasing so quickly.

So you see, these great animals with great survival skills are dying off because of us!  And I suggest we stop quickly or else we won’t have anymore of these ancient, beautiful creatures that come from the time of the dinosaur!


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I am a 14 year old boy that is forced to do a blog. I don't like work. I'm supposed to be having fun. This is my childhood! Ohh... Parents stink. :P
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7 Responses to Alligator Gar

  1. Marianne says:

    i have seen a episode of river monsters with a aligator gar

  2. Rahat says:

    Is it possible to keep baby alligator gar fish in aquarium…….with other fish like Oscer and silver arrowna

  3. catlover says:

    I saw 6 or 7 while i was canoeing in the Marianna Caverns State park.

  4. mnos says:

    i had two of them in my 2000liter homemade aquarium. already 27cm meter in legth

  5. kchan says:

    Catch and release . I agree with you . so future generations can experience these wonders.

  6. ansha says:

    how much cost for buy a small alligator gar fish.some one help me to buy guyz.

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