Crop Circles

A crop circle is a pattern created by the flattening of a crop like wheat. Scientists didn’t know what was making this, so they came up with a bunch of theories. One of the theories was UFO’s were landing on Earth and making these things – similar to the Nazca Lines. People think they were made by aliens because they thought it was too much work and too much thinking for humans to make it. Some people also claimed to have spotted aliens in their wheat fields.
Another theory is the whirlwind theory, where a tornado came down on the field and made these designs – which is completely illogically stupid… how would that even happen?! A tornado just comes, lands in the one spot, makes an intricte design in the wheat… and leaves??? Stupid people.
My favorite theory, though, is the electro-magnetic theory. It is the theory that the flattening of the wheat is by eddy currents in the earth’s magnetic field.  An eddy current is a shift in the electro-magnetic field that can create a current that flattens the crops in its path. This theory is the most interesting and original although it is incorrect as well. The real way these crop circles were made was by… 

…two pranksters, Doug and Dave. They made them by only using tape measurers and a plank of wood with ropes attached to it.

As their designs got more complex, it would take then longer and longer to execute. Man, those guys have no lives! Soon people started following in their footsteps and doing the same thing they did and the results were pretty amazing. Some of them even came out like this:


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