Florida and its Pythons

Why are there so many pythons in the Florida Everglades? Well I didn’t know that answer until today, and I also had no idea that there were so many pythons here either! I thought it was around 10,000 snakes or something but I come to find that scientists think it’s well into the hundreds of thousands! The question is how did they get here!? Scientists have two theories… One theory on how so many Burmese Pythons got here is irresponsible pet owners. When Burmese Pythons get too big for the owner to handle they release their overgrown pythons into the wild. Once they get released they start to reproduce in a place where they are not even supposed to be at all!

Another theory there are so many Burmese Pythons in Florida is because during Hurricane Andrew in 1992 a Burmese Python facility that held 900 baby Burmese Pythons was destroyed and all of them were released into the Everglades! Stupid hurricane. *Mumble mumble.*

Snake experts are trying to reduce the count of Burmese Pythons in Florida or maybe even eliminate them because they are messing up what is supposed to the perfect eco-system, enviroment and system for animals in the Everglades. I say, “Go back to Asia you stinky, giant, mezmerizing, killing machines!

I hate snakes, period. But now that I’ve seen Burmese Pythons… I’m terrified! These snakes are taller than two of me! They REALLY need to get out of here! I don’t want to be sleeping all of a sudden and wake up to being strangled by a giant python. Now that I know they’re all around us… it’s quite scary!


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I am a 14 year old boy that is forced to do a blog. I don't like work. I'm supposed to be having fun. This is my childhood! Ohh... Parents stink. :P
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6 Responses to Florida and its Pythons

  1. shaunna says:

    this is so freaky…..whenever i look at it its like i can see it right here by my foot

  2. tumelo letau says:

    i’m really in knowing hw dangerous the pythons can be and how much does it cost to keep it as a pet

  3. Nadia Marshall says:

    I love snakes!!!!!! I want a burmese python albino if i can. I love to give facts i know everything.

  4. isabel gonzalez says:


  5. Keith says:

    When will the Florida legislature put a stop to the import and sale of non-native species? And the Burmese Python facility destroyed by hurricane Andrew, was a makeshift canvas tent structure. How stupid is that? Hand that breeder. He is totally to blame. What a disaster this is!

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