Robin Hood

Robin Hood… a real person or not? I say that he’s not and it’s just a name that outlaws used in the woods to scare people. I mean how could he be real? There’s just no way that one man could do all the things that Robin Hood claimed to do…. could he? And over so many years? Highly unlikely. Robin Hood is famous for stealing from the rich and giving to the needy. When the stories of Robin Hood first started being told, he was a commoner that killed the king’s deer and got a bounty on his head. But today, we know him as an aristocrat who rebelled against the king’s harsh rules

Well… if Robin Hood was real, what about his Merry Men? They’re kind of like a modern day gang today. The Merry Men were also outlaws too that followed Robin Hood and they worked together to commit crimes! The Merry Men and Robin Hood are so popular they even appeared in Shrek! the movie. And what about Robin Hood’s woman, the Maid Marian. The real Robin Hood was thought to live somewhere between 1180 and 1280. Stories about him didn’t start being written until the 1300’s. A couple of hundred years later was when Maid Marian showed up.  The one thing that fascinated me about Robin Hood was his longbow. It was made so precisely with the right curves so it didn’t break when he pulled the string back. He could shoot the longbow with such accuracy too.  He could hit the bullseye on the target precisely even if it was moving like an enemy in the woods! In fact, the crime that turned Robin Hood into an outlaw was when the Sherriff of Nottingham put a price on his head for poaching deer on the king’s land.

The Magna Carta is the first set of written laws in England. There was no national law for the whole country, so whoever the lord was in that area set his own laws. Before that time there weren’t any laws so aristocrats could punish their people any way they saw fit. After the Magna Carta was written people had a nationalized list of laws to follow. Some people claim that it was Robin Hood and outlaws like him that caused the Magna Carta to be written. So we have Robin Hood to thank for more than just an entertaining story from a thousand years ago.


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