The Man in the Iron Mask

The Man in the Iron Mask was an unknown prisoner. He was put in jail all throughout Eruope including the famous Bastille! He was prisoned back in the mid 1700’s when King Louie the XIV was king. Even today people still don’t know who the real Man in the Iron Mask was. Historians can only take wild guesses because he didn’t even leave one clue behind to let us know who he was and what he was hiding.

Well actually, we do know some things about this Man in the Iron Mask… we do know that he was prisoned for a long 34 years with a Iron Mask stuck on his face! I know I couldn’t do that! At this time back then, prisoners were only held for short periods of time or sentenced to some cruel way of dying. Like being executed!  That’s why people today think that he was a relative or close to King Louis XIV.   

 The idea that The Man in the Iron Mask was a relative of King Louis XIV’s was formed when a man named Voltaire wrote a book saying that the prisoner was the king’s brother. Then a man named Alexandre Dumas wrote a book about it in the 18th century saying saying that The Man in the Iron Mask was King Louis XIV’s brother, they even made it into a movie in the 20th century!


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