Gabon is a country in Africa that is home to many amazing animals and a home to one of my favorite animals… the elephant! I love the elephant! What a gentle giant… What I dislike is that people are killing the elephant just for its tusks. What greedy, disgusting people. Why would you kill a whole animal just for its tusks?!I really hope elephants don’t die off because they help the enviroment and the Earth a lot by pooping! Their poop has seeds in it and the seeds that don’t get eaten by other animals grow into trees and keep the forests alive and healthy!

Elephants help the world a lot and even though poaching elephants is against the law people still do it. I hate people that kill innocent animals like that. They deserve life too… not just you. Greedy men. When I get older, I’m going to help elephants and make SURE that you can’t poach them.

Oh yeah, let’s not forget the whole point of the show I watched! The Gabon government is coming to realize what a wonderful treasure they have in their wildlife and they’re now trying to protect it by creating 13 national parks within their country. I think they hope this will also help protect the animals from poachers. I sure hope it works.


About masterxela

I am a 14 year old boy that is forced to do a blog. I don't like work. I'm supposed to be having fun. This is my childhood! Ohh... Parents stink. :P
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