Saint Peter

Who knew Saint Peter could be in so many places at once?! Oh wait, he can’t! So why are people saying he’s buried under Saint Peter’s Basilica… but somehow he’s also buried in a museum AND he’s buried in the Church of Dominus Flevit which means: The Lord Lived!

The people that live in Rome believe so much crap that is “religion.” I know none of it is true! There’s something I like to say. Archaelogy vs. tradition. There IS a difference. Archaelogy is proof or evidence that something has existed. Tradition, people are just guessing and believing that something has happened. I’ll believe in the proof and or evidence thank you very much!

I’m happy for proof and evidence because now we know that Saint Peter’s real name was Simon and that there’s only one of him and he can’t be buried in the 3 different places like people believe.


About masterxela

I am a 14 year old boy that is forced to do a blog. I don't like work. I'm supposed to be having fun. This is my childhood! Ohh... Parents stink. :P
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