World War I

Allies, enemies, death. These are the words that come to mind when I think of World War I and how silly it is that a bunch of people died for such a silly reason. The whole war started when Archduke Franz Ferninand of Austria was assinated outside of a sandwich shop. If only his driver had never taken that wrong turn… 

The assination killed the archduke and his wife

Franz Ferninand was was the only person that believed that war was bad and he didn’t want war, only peace. He thought war was evil, but because of his death, the world was to experience the worst war ever seen up to that point. I would have thought people would have said, “Let’s stand up and respect what he thought! No more war!” But instead, to get revenge they launched a war on Serbia! How ironic!

The Archduke Ferdinand

Fourteen million people died in this war, which is amazing since it only lasted 4 years! I wish the Archduke had never died at the hands of a Serbian assassin because the lives of all those peoples lives would have been spared. Also, Russia and Germany would have never had to been involved.

Trench warfare was first used in WWI

At least the war only lasted 4 years instead of 9 years like the war we are having right now in Afghanistan! I’m happy Germany surrendered on Armistice Day! But kind of dissapointed that the Treaty of Versailles led to World War II where OVER 70 MILLION PEOPLE DIED! Gosh! I can’t even imagine how many people that is! They would be lined up for miles!


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