America’s Boom Years!

At the turn of the century many things happened to usher in America’s boom years.

The first of these events was the discovery of oil out in Texas. Three brothers put up oil rig and started to drill for oil. They were about to give up when they hit the jackpot and oil shot up over 200 feet in the air and spewed like that for days until they got it under control!

This discovery of oil led to the proliferation of cars because cars could run on gasoline which is made from oil! A man named Henry Ford made a car called the Model T that was a cheap car so that everyone could now afford an automobile. Henry Ford changed the face of our Earth today by inventing this car in more ways than one. He also invented the first ever assembly line… an innovation that was used for many other produces other than automobiles. Henry Ford might even be credited with ushering in the manufacturing era.

 So all these cars now meant that people could move around more freely. That meant that we needed roads. Which meant that the suburbs were born as cities started springing up along with the roads.

Since people could move freely with cars on all these new roads, they now started migrating west. In L.A., California, the big problem was lack of water, for the west was bone dry. So an innovative new water aquaduct was built which cost the lives of 46 men. When people had all the water they needed, L.A.’s population went up to two million in just a few years!

In Chicago, blacks and whites started living together and racial tension started rising because they were living in close quarters. Because of the racial tension, riots started happeneing. Blacks and whites were both fighting, allthough more blacks died than whites because whites had rights to own arms and blacks didn’t because they might rebel.

Another problem that came along around this time was the abuse of alcohol. Alcohol started getting blamed for most of people’s bad behavior. So the Temperance Act was passed, which banned alcohol. This was the era of Prohibition. Soon, gansters rose in prominence and wealth as they began selling alcohol illegally! The most famous of all the gangsters of this era was called Al Capone. He killed many men but was never charged with murder. He was finally arrested on tax evasion. 😉


Wow! This really was a giant Domino effect! From oil to cars to roads to suburbs to racial tensions. This is how one thing leads to another. And this wasn’t even half of the stuff of all that happened. How amazing is our past?


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