Air Force One

Air Force One is the United States Airforce aircraft carrying the President of the United States. Since 1990, there have been two highly customized Boeing 747 aircraft that transport the President when he travels. These aircrafts have the call sign “Air Force One” only while the president is on board.

Something that fascinates me about Air Force One is they have two of the exact same planes, from the paint job to the plates they eat on inside. The job of the second plane is to accompany the first plane on any overseas trip and if the first plane gets in trouble the second plane is there as backup. It will fly ahead and try to find an alternative route. For example, when the first plane couldn’t fly through volanic ash because the ash might have blocked the engines, the second plane went ahead to find another route they could take.

I also loved how much security the president gets! They have to start preparing for the trip one week before they actually leave, checking the gas, the runway, people have to be waiting where he’s going to land, it’s amazing!

I loved this show because it showed me how much security the president actually gets and now I want to become president so I can get this fame, fortune, and security! Although it is a big responsibility… Oh well! If George Bush can do it, I sure can!


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