Lions and Hyenas – Eternal Enemies

As you may be able to tell from the title, today I watched a show on lions and hyenas and how they are enemies but they share the same territory. I learned a lot about lions and hyenas by watching this show.

Some parts in the show were emotional like when three baby lion cubs were killed by a poisonous cobra.

Mean old cobra

But in the end, it’s the way of the wild. Some live and some die. It’s fascinating to me to watch the way animals survive!

One thing that interested me was the way hyenas and lions fought over their kill. Lions would kill and then hyenas would come in a big pack and try to run them away and get the remains of the kill, but amazingly, it happens just as often the other way around. Hyenas would kill and then the lions would turn up and steal the food.

Hyenas vie for the lions' kill

One thing I found pretty funny was the way the hyenas were always laughing because their laughs made me laugh too!

Yuk yuk yuk

This show was amazing and showed me how lions and hyenas have a rivalry. For some reason, I always thought they got along well! Actually now that I think about it, from The Lion King, they didn’t get along. So I guess I knew it all along but I just remembered now!

Nature - the way it should be

This show was fascinating in another way too – how the filmmakers had the guts to go out in the open and film the lions and hyenas battling. They were smack dab in the middle of all the action. What bravery! I would never do such a horrid thing!


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