Today I really didn’t mind the show I watched which was SurvivorMan because I love that show! It is about a man trying to survive in a dangerous place for a week!

SurvivorMan, AKA Les Stroud, visited the Amazonian Rainforest today! All he had was a can of pop, 3 feet of tangled fish line, some fire powder, and one match. Oh wait, lets not forget his harmonica and four cameras to film himself! He survived off this for a whole week! That’s pretty amazing!
He ate raw, tiny little shrimp he found in the dirty water, he DRANK the dirty water, and he WENT IN the dirty water with elecric eels, catfish and other varieties of things that can hurt you.

The Amazonian rainforest is beatiful… but deadly! And I guess I found out why it’s called a rainforest – it rained every single day and night he was there! He tried to make a shelter but it didn’t come out very good. Then he got lucky because he found a pre-made shelter from an existing tribe where he could set a fire and it wouldn’t be doused by the rain!

On the last day, day 7, he left the shelter to go pee and encountered a jaguar! He ran away to his extraction point with only his pack and harmonica, all the other stuff left back at the hut! I would have dropped everything and just bulleted!

SurvivorMan is awesome, very daring, and I like how he does everything twice because he has to film himself. For example, he wakes up, sets up the camera, hits go and then goes back to bed and PRETENDS to wake up! That’s amazing. He’s really dedicated to his job and must love doing it! One day, I’ll try and be like him! Not by taking off for dangerous deserted places by myself -that would just be craziness. But by being daring and doing something I love.


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I am a 14 year old boy that is forced to do a blog. I don't like work. I'm supposed to be having fun. This is my childhood! Ohh... Parents stink. :P
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One Response to SurvivorMan!

  1. Paper Tiger Press says:

    Good review of the show! I just finished reading his book, Survive! Hope you have the same desire to stay safe out there and get to see amazing places too.

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