Roman Gladiators!

Stinky parents, always making me watch 1 hour shows in the morning and then write about them. Well I guess I don’t mind today because it was interesting to me! I suppose only because people were dying… I like death. 🙂 I’m a young boy, what are you to expect?

Anyway, the show today was on Roman Gladiators! The thing I liked the most about this T.V. segment was the colosseum in Rome. The colosseum was a giant amphitheater that held 50,000 people where the Gladiators were forced to fight each other for sport, which I thought was pretty cool :), and if the emperor liked the way the gladiator fought, he let him live to fight another day. Although most people think that gladiators regularly fought “to the death”, they were highly trained and valuable athletes. They weren’t killed in combat or put to death as often as people imagine. 

Spartacus was a slave who led a revolt and escaped with his army of revolting 😉 slaves. They tried to flee the country but were caught and he was killed immediately. Why do the good guys always die? His slaves were then crucified along the Appian Way (the most famous road leading into Rome) to send a message to any other slaves thinking about revolting. 

Another part of this T.V. show that interested me was what thumbs up and thumbs down meant. Thumbs up meant you were sentenced to death, which is the opposite of today where thumbs up means a good job. And thumbs down meant you were were free to live another day and fight again… or if you did a really good job the emperor set you free – which was a really big deal. If I was alive back then, I would want a thumbs down, thank you very much! 

The Gladiators probably thought they had it hard, but I think I have it harder! Having to go to school, being able to be grounded, my mother keeping me at home when I want to go places… I barely have any freedom! 😛 I really liked the gladiators because they expected death and didn’t run away from it. I look up to the gladiators… kind of! I’m still going to run away from death though.


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I am a 14 year old boy that is forced to do a blog. I don't like work. I'm supposed to be having fun. This is my childhood! Ohh... Parents stink. :P
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