Gorongosa National Park!

So today I watched a show on the Gorongosa National Park in Mozambique, Africa. It wasn’t depressing but it wasn’t so happy! It pretty much described how Mozambique had a Civil War that lasted about 15 years. During this period, the people that were fighting in the war were starving, and they were killing the animals around the National Park to eat. Animal populations fell from hundreds, even thousands, to below 50! Gorongosa from a bird eye's view.

The part that wanted to make me help this National Park the most was when they had to take an elephant away from his family and bring him to Gorongosa so they could try to repopulate the elephants in the park, but the elephant was scaring the people that had to work in the park so they had to relocate him again. To get him on the truck they had to tranquillize him, but in this risky process, the elephant died! ); This part was very emotional and made me want to help this park return to its former glory. Elepahnts in Gorongosa National Park.

In one part of this T.V show, they explained how there was no food chain, for all the animals at the top of the food chain had died! So the smaller animals were taking over and multiplying like crazy with no one to stop them! One of the few animals that was actually doing its job was the Nile crocodile. Its job was to keep the catfish population low so the catfish wouldn’t overpopulate and take over the rivers, canals, and lakes in Gorongosa National Park. Nile Crocodiles in Gorongosa National Park.

I really liked this T.V segment and it really motivated me and made me want to help the animals of Gorongosa National Park – and the people, too. Because when the people of that region are thriving, they won’t need to kill the animals for food. Just imagine all those animals extinct or dead in that area. All those birds, mammals, reptiles, and let’s not forget the one thing I don’t ever want to see dead again: an elephant! Hippos in National Park


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I am a 14 year old boy that is forced to do a blog. I don't like work. I'm supposed to be having fun. This is my childhood! Ohh... Parents stink. :P
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  1. Master of the Universe says:

    This an awesome first post for your summer blog, 13-year old boy. Very, very nice.

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