Parking Garage!

So some of you might have been wondering and this below, is what I do when I’m not making blogs!


So everyone has a hobby and mine is¬†skateboarding/longboarding. Skateboarding is fun for landing the tricks and the excitement while learning a new one! The one I’m learning right now is a 360 flip or tre flip. The fun part of longboarding is the speed and adrenaline! Plus fast transportation. ūüôā The two ways I fulfill my need for speed and adrenaline are by letting my dog pull me, and of course going down parking garage! In the video above you saw me and my good friend Sam going down a garage in the mall across the street! Check out his channel as well! Some interesting stuff!

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Like My Blog?

If you guys like my blog and want to keep reading about my interesting stuff *wink wink* I’ll be writing over at my new blog on WordPress, check me out!

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And in conclusion…

¬†Well, summer has come to an end… unfortunately. All the good times I had this summer… going to the movies (Toy Story 3 for the win! Also, Scott Pilgrim!),¬†hanging out with friends (shoutout to my boy Smiley!), going to¬†Splash Adventure (Mom, you have to get in the water to splash!),¬†Boomers for my birthday (go karts and rock climbing wall?! – yay!), and my family reunion (Jerome, can a brother get some love?)! I also think¬†I did a pretty good job on this blog –¬†even if it was complete torture to do it!

So here are my three favorite blogs of the summer. My top favorite blog was: Super Suit!¬†Dr. Michio Kaku is the coolest nerd of all time.¬†Next comes Hell Week! I loved that blog! Just not as much as Super Suit! SEALs are freaking awesome! My 3rd favorite blog was Lions and Hyenas – Eternal Enemies!¬†I’m actually starting to enjoy these nature programs. Watching animals in action fascinates me! Who knew?

Well if you liked my summer blog, I’m going to make you wait another long 180 days until I start posting to it again. Start hibernating!

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World Without Water

A¬†world without water would bring extreme chaos. When a part of the world has a shortage of water it’s called¬†a drought.¬†There are droughts all over the world, but two countries that you might not expect are having problems with drought conditions and it’s affecting the way they live.

Firstly, there’s a massive drought¬†affecting the North China Plain. It wasn’t getting enough water and farmers couldn’t grow their crops because the land was so dry and the nearest river was so far away. They couldn’t even use irrigation to help their plants grow! Poor farmers.
I bet you’ll never guess the¬†second country being plagued by drought conditions.¬†It’s not a country most people think of as deprived so you might have problems guessing. Here are some hints:¬†freedom of speech and freedom of everything else! If you guessed America, that would¬† be right! One of the places where drought is a problem is right¬†where I live! South Florida! And that problem is the Everglades. The Everglades, for those of you that don’t know, is a huge marshland in the middle of southern Florida that is a protected area. Today it’s in trouble because it’s not getting enough water. People are also decreasing the size of the Everglades by building houses where it used to be. So that’s a big problem too! The water level is also extremely low because the water level of Lake Okeechobee is decreasing and Lake Okeechobee gives the Everglades all its water through a connecting river.

Then there’s the¬†problem of¬†the Hoover Dam. You wouldn’t think that a dam would have¬†the problem of lack of water! But listen to this. When the Hoover Dam was built it was¬†the largest dam in the world. It also created the world’s largest artificial lake, Lake Mead. Lake Mead has¬†been experiencing¬†a drought for the last 8 years. Its¬†water level hasn’t been what it’s supposed to be since the year 2000! The Colorado River, which feeds the Hoover Dam, which is connected to Lake Mead,¬†is fed by melting snow from the Rocky Mountains. But there hasn’t been that much snow is these past years and one of the reasons is global warming! So they can’t get their water levels back to what they are supposed to be!

It’s amazing how we have problems with lack of water when 75% of the world is covered in water! Why don’t we just use water from the ocean and take the salt from that water (called desalination) and disperse it to all the areas that need it! That way we would have no problems with lack of water! I’m so smart! I should be King of the World. ūüôā

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Fighting Like an Animalrwtdvcczvd

Animals have a lot of different fighting techniques to help them survive in the world. Do you think martial arts experts can master those techniques too? Well on the show Fight Science they explore this interesting question: Is it possible for humans to master animal fighting techniques?

The first animal that martial arts masters tried to act like was the snake. The snake is speedy and blinding, its movements almost invisible to the naked eye. The question was, could a martial arts master come close to, evenly match, or even beat the speedy western diamond back snake? It seems when the snake attacked it looked much, much, MUCH faster, but under closer scrutiny and with high speed cameras recording, we see that the martial arts master was up to two times faster than the snake!

The next animal skill to be tested was the awesome balancing skill of the crane. This regal bird can stand on one foot for hours! To test if martial arts masters can have balance like a crane, they placed a martial arts master on a round circular object smaller than a dinner plate many feet off the ground and threw ninja stars at him. He was 8 feet off the ground at one point! The platforms were wobbling! Yet he dodged all the ninja stars. Then he tried out the crane’s deadly “wingstrike attack“, releasing his wingstrike on two block of large ice that weighed 120 pounds combined! He used the awesome power of kinetic energy to blast the ice to bits.

Yet another amazing animal that martial artists admire is the praying mantis. They admire it and look up to it sooo much that they try to imitate its accuracy, explosiveness, speed and timing. To test if a human could have all the traits of a praying mantis, they placed a martial arts master in a room with flies to see how many he could catch. Amazingly, he caught 7! It turns out he could be a praying mantis if he wanted to!

One of the most amazing animals that the martial artists copied was the monkey. A martial arts master copied a monkey exactly! He was nimble and athletic and he had good timing. He could swing on bars and could execute a standing jump from one bar to another that was 8 feet away and still stay balanced. He swung using his upper body and did backflips. He would always land on his feet and he actually looked like a monkey swinging on the jungle gym!

Then they just had to test out the strength and ferocity of a tiger. Rawr! Yet again, another martial arts master who admired an animal enough to try and copy it was the test subject. His signature move was the Tiger’s Claw. The martial arts master was so strong, they put him up against the replica of a man and he ripped out the man’s throat!

Sure, there’s no doubt that humans can do what animals can do. The problem is only a very tiny amount of people can do it! I mean look at the people they picked, they were all martial arts masters! If they picked a random person off the street that person wouldn’t even be able to come close to what these people can do!

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Hell Week

Basic Underwater Demolitions and SEAL (BUD/S) instructors know the human body can have amazing stamina and endurance even in the harshest of weather, conditions, and environments. But they also know that to do this they must be able to ignore the pleas from the body, and that is a very hard skill to develop. That’s why it’s so hard to become a SEAL.

The greatest challenge lies in Week 4 of Phase One (out of three). Over a grueling 5 days, there is continuous training to determine who has the ability and mindset to survive and who is the strongest and who is the weakest. Can you guess what week it is? If you guessed Hell Week, you guessed correctly.

During Hell Week the trainees are constantly in motion. They are always¬†cold, hungry, and wet. Some challenges are just dirty… and when I say dirty, I mean dirty. One of the challenges the trainees face¬†is they have to roll around in mud and put their faces directly in it.¬†Sand burns eyes and trainees know what sand finally taste like. Medical assistants stand by 24/7 for emergencies and then monitor the exhausted trainees. Sleep is barely allowed, they only get three to four hours for the whole week! Also, an amazing fact I didn’t know is that the trainees consume up to 7,000 calories a day and still lose weight! What a diet!
Throughout Hell Week, BUD/S instructors always remind candidates that they can ‚ÄúDrop-On-Request‚ÄĚ any time they feel they can‚Äôt go on. All the have to do is simply ring a shiny brass bell that hangs within the camp for all to see their failure. That’s harsh… The trainees are probably always thinking, I want to go ring that bell sooooo bad! Especially during¬†Hell Week too, considering the fact they have¬†116¬†hours of physical labor in that one week!

Through the long days and nights of Hell Week, trainees learn to rely on one another to keep awake and motivated. Team work is essential.¬†If you do something, you do it for your team. Not yourself. If you suffer, your team suffers. “You and your team are one – learn to work with them” is what the instructors always teach the trainees.

Hell Week – extreme physical endurance, lack of sleep, cold, hunger, pain. This is what it feels like to become a Navy SEAL. Do you have what it takes? If you do, you have my undying respect… forever and always!!!

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Proof of Jesus?


Personally, I don’t believe in any type of religion but I respect those that do. They believe what they want no matter¬†that there really is¬†no proof regarding the existence of God. What is a generally accepted fact, though, is¬†that there was a man named Jesus.

Scientists and religious people think they have a lot of facts and proof about Jesus. One of them is called stigmata. Stigmata are bodily marks in locations corresponding to the cruxifiction wounds of Jesus! Stigmata is the plural of the Greek word stigma, meaning a mark that might have been used for identification of an animal or slave. Stigmata are usually associated with the Roman Catholic faith. Almost all reports of stigmatas are from Roman Catholic people.
More proof that has to do with Jesus, they state, is the Shroud of Turin. The Shroud of Turin is an old linen cloth that shows the image of a crucified man. A man that millions believe to be Jesus. It is also said to have been the cloth that wrapped his crucified body. Modern scientists¬†have completed hundreds of thousands of hours of detailed study and research on the Shroud. But dissapointingly, there are no signs of blood. Also,¬†the shroud has been carbon dated to the 12th or 13th century, proving that it could not have been Jesus’ death shroud.¬†
We have more proof, but the last one I’m going to cover is the Priory of Sion. The Priory of Sion is supposedly a secret society that most historians have determined is¬†fake. The Priory supposedly protects and keeps secret the descendents of Jesus. It was prominently featured in Dan Brown’s blockbuster book The DaVinci Code.

So even though many Christians think of these things as proof, most of them¬† have been debunked by¬† objective people. The shroud has been proven to be 1200-1300 years older than Jesus, the Priory of Sion has been outed as fictional, and even the Catholic church doesn’t believe in stigmata.¬†So when people ask the question¬†“Is it true?”,¬†I ask the same one.

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